Black P.C Planter
Black P.C Planter

Black P.C Planter


Is your lovely home urging for a new decor? Get this exceptionally designed black iron planter with a unique stand that can easily blend into your theme offering a blissful and eye-catching appearance to your home decor.

This exclusively handcrafted iron planter is for all those who have vintage imbibed as a classic choice. Subtly showing off your desired look and convincing illusion, this iron planter with your favorite plant creates a visually fascinating look.

This iron planter is ideal for small to medium-sized plants and is also a great bedroom decor that simply transforms its display into a pleasant visual adding a delightful imperial tone to it.

Place it beside the fireplace, corners of the bedroom/living room, on the window side, at the entrance or in your apartment balcony with your favourite plants inside for an attractive look. These beautifully handcrafted planters will always have you in good spirits and are a subtle addition to your interior design. 

Note- This product is handmade by skilled artisans, still it might possess slight irregularities as an obvious outcome of the handcrafting process.


Care Instructions: 

  • Use a clean, soft and damp cloth to wipe out.
  • Do not let water droplets rest on its surface
  • Do not let the plants pots overflow with water
  • Make use of pot liner in case you place a smaller pot inside.

Product Specifications:

  1. Item #: JRH3009
  2. Item Description: Planter
  3. Finish: Black P.C
  4. Material: Iron Sheet 
  5. Item Size Cms : 20L x 20W x 56H
  6. Shipping Info: Dispatched in maximum 3-4 business days. Cancellation requests are accepted only prior to the dispatch of the order.